Below you will find videos that walk you through the process of editing, arranging, and exporting the pdfs for Marlowe in Sheets.

Manuscript scans, often formatted as .jpegs or .tiffs, are gorgeous but not suitable for printing. After receiving images from the library, we had to edit the images so they could be arranged as pdfs and printed at home or in the office. Depending on the state of the manuscript scans, this process involved some or all of the flowing:

  • Converting the images from color to black and white
  • Splitting two-page scans into single page images
  • Exporting single-page images to an image editor (in this video we use Pixelmator Pro)
  • Resizing and arranging the single-page images in groups of four to form a quarto
  • Touching up images for readability. This includes increasing image darkness and contrast and/or erasing “ghosting” from text on the opposite side of the page.
  • Exporting the quarto page as a pdf
  • Compiling all quarto pages into a single pdf document for print.